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Voters in Florida passed an amendment that would increase the state minimum wage incrementally.

The amendment, passed by over 60% of voters, continues the increase in hourly wages. The first increase came at the start of 2021, when the minimum grew $.09 to $8.65 per hour. Beginning September 30, 2021, minimum wage will increase $1.35 per hour to $10.

Each September 30 following, minimum wage will increase $1 until 2026 when it becomes $15 per hour for non-tipped jobs. For tipped jobs, minimum wage increases from $5.63 per hour to $6.98 per hour. Tipped jobs will get annual increases through 2026 as well, growing to $11.98 per hour.

Where does Florida rank among the rest of the country?

There are some states that have no state minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The highest minimum wage is in the District of Columbia, $15.20. Twenty states have higher minimum wages than Florida will have on September 30. New York’s minimum wage is $12.50, $14 or $15 depending on location. Massachusetts’ minimum wage is $13.50. Washington is $13.69 and Oregon is $12.75. In California, $13 for companies with 25 employees or fewer, $14 for companies with more than 25 employees. 15 other states have minimum wages ranging from $10.08 to $13.
[Source: Dept. of Labor]

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