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Rides in theme parks get shut down for maintenance regularly, but most often, it’s just a couple of days. Busch Gardens is shutting one down for more than two months.

According to the Busch Gardens Tampa website, there are a few rides that are set for upcoming maintenance for just a couple of days or a few weeks. Of course, this is part of what keeps these famous rides safe.

One ride, however, is getting a much longer time off for maintenance. Cheetah Hunt will be shut down from October 11 until December 17.

Cheetah Hunt

If you haven’t tried Cheetah Hunt yet, be sure to have it on your radar once the ride is done with its refurbishment. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Check out the ride from a point-of-view video from the front seat. It’s also a fun ride at night, too!

Other rides that are seeing maintenance in the near future and will be closed for a couple of days to a few weeks are:

  • SheiKra (October 4-5)
  • Stanleyville Train Station (October 4-26)
  • Stanleyville Falls (October 4-29)
  • Congo River Rapids (November 1-24)

Other areas and attractions that are temporarily closed are:

  • Lory Landing
  • Skyride
  • Wild Surge
  • Slimey’s Sahara Sand
  • Treetop Trails & Jungala Play Areas

[Source: Busch Gardens Tampa Ride Attractions Schedule]

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