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When a kitten became stuck inside a Tesla, it was time to call fire rescue.

A kitten crawled into the workings of a Tesla, but got stuck deep inside. Firefighters in Estero were called to the Hertz Headquarters to come to the rescue.

They needed to partially disassemble the Tesla. The crew was able to save the cat, which was unhurt. Some workers at the Hertz office were interested in adopting the kitten.

A quote on the Estero Fire Department Facebook page from Hertz Corporate Security Manager Robert Leverenz:

Guys thanks so much for the assistance in rescuing the kitten at the Hertz campus. Hertz would like to recognize Lt Smith, Engineer Horton and Fire Fighter Heller for a great response to this call for service. Once again no matter how large or small the call for service your department showed you are here day in and day out for the community in which you serve. Thanks again for all your assistance, community partnership and professionalism you have as members of the Estero Fire Department. News traveled quickly around the campus and everyone at the Hertz campus was extremely grateful for your rescue assistance of this kitten

NBC-2 posted images of the firemen as they searched for the kitten.

[Source: NBC-2]

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