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Port of Tampa welcomes big cruise ships. Now officials are saying, “Bring in the cargo ships.”

As our nation faces a shipping crisis and consumers anticipate pricing increases for goods, Florida Ports Council is offering solutions. Their recommendation is to send ships through the Panama Canal to Florida.

Mike Rubin is President and CEO of the Florida Ports Council. He explains, “It’s about a 7-day voyage through the Panama Canal. Yes, it may be a little more expensive to take that route on a water tour, but you’re paying for moorage fees, you’re paying for other fees over there just sitting off the coast, and your product’s not getting to the shelves in time.”

Port of Tampa released the following statement. “Port Tampa Bay is not seeing any congestion or delays that have been creating issues for the other ports. Our port stands ready to welcome new business and serve as a supply chain alternative and solution. Port Tampa Bay’s container volume has increased by over 40% over the past 11 months, and our port has easily accommodated the growth to stay ahead of the curve thanks to our terminal build-out program. Port Tampa Bay is in discussions with container lines about expanding their services to serve our growing market which includes distribution centers along the I-4 corridor.”

This shipping problem is going to create a ripple effect where consumers hear, “prices are going up,” and then they resolve to not even do holiday shopping in anticipation of the costs, thus causing a deeper, swifter economic downturn. Not good. Nice to see our state stepping up…at least trying to do something to help.

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