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Based on data from a major moving company, a Florida city was the most moved-to in the country.

Moving company Mayflower collected customer data and revealed how many moves are being made to new places. The data spans from July 2019 to July 2021. What did they learn?

They learned to which cities people are relocating the most. They also learned that 57% are “likely to adopt the professional sports team from their new location.” The Tampa Bay Lightning, Buccaneers and Rays are sure to welcome anyone on the bandwagon.

Also, 67% of those customers used weather as a reason to move to a location, and that reason was followed by distance from “parks, green spaces and nature trails, 61%.

The top 5 cities to which people are relocating:

The top 5 states to which people are relocating:

[Source: Tampa Bay’s 10/]

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