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No, it’s not April 1. Gunther is a German shepherd that legally owns a $31 million Miami mansion that was once owned by Madonna, according to the AP. The pooch inherited the home when its owner, a German countess, died in 1992. Gunther’s handlers are helping him put the home on the market and the dog stands to make about a $20 million profit from the sale.

They say Gunther sported a faux diamond collar for the meeting with real estate agents. Why faux? They say he has a gold one, not faux, back at his main residence in… wait for it… Italy. Gunther is a fan of caviar and has his own personal chef. He travels regularly to the Bahamas on a private jet.

The 8 bedroom mansion in Miami has a view of Biscayne Bay. No word if the gilded framed portrait of Gunther that rests over the fireplace is included in the $31.75 million price tag. [Source: AP]

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