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Hulk Hogan talks to the Tampa Bay Lightning fans in Game one of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals against the Philadelphia Flyers at the St. Pete Times Forum on May 8, 2004.

Clearwater’s most famous resident is not doing well, according to fellow ’80s pro wrestling legend Ric Flair. On his podcast this past week, Flair said that Hulk Hogan is having “some really bad health issues.” You can jump in about 40 minutes to get to the part where the discussion of Hulk Hogan’s health begins.

Hulk, perhaps as a response, posted a photo to Instagram yesterday. He didn’t look sick, but you can definitely see a drastic weight loss. The photo was posted yesterday however it’s not clear when the picture was taken. The caption to the photo reads “Back to my 9th grade weight 275lbs brother.” There is no mention of the health struggles Flair spoke about.

Hogan hasn’t had an easy go of it since his days as WWF champ. His marriage had an ugly ending. His son was in a horrific car crash in Clearwater that left a passenger with catastrophic brain damage. There was the infamous bedroom tape that was leaked where Hulk used racial slurs. That video went viral and cost Hogan, at least temporarily, his spot in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Even here in Tampa last year, when Hulk made an appearance as a host at WrestleMania, he was booed.

Flair went on to say that he and Hogan have a good relationship now. He says they talk every 2 weeks. Flair says Hulk flew to visit him in the hospital when he had his own health problems and helped him out financially. Flair says some problems his son was going through forced him to call Hogan to ask for money. He says within an hour, Hogan got him $14,000.

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