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Gator Nation is well aware there was a problem with the team, and the University of Florida fired head coach Dan Mullen. Who will replace him?

Now is the time to start tossing out some possible (or impossible) names for the head coaching job for the Florida Gators. One of college football’s perennial top teams hasn’t looked so ‘top’ the past couple of seasons. At times, they’ve looked pretty bad. Whether that’s due to recruiting, coaching, or simply bad luck on the field is up to the fans to figure out. What the University did was decide to make that coaching change. Bye-bye, Coach Dan Mullen. Hello, new face of the Florida Gators.

University of Florida's Albert

There are some who believe that Albert could have out-coached Dan Mullen this season. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Who’s available? Here are some possibilities.

There are also quite a few assistant coaches or coordinators who’s names will be coming up for consideration. These were some of the high-profile names that might be coming up as possible head coaches for the Gators.


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