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These mashed potatoes we made are INSANE. We followed the Joël Robuchon, Michelin-starred “chef of the century” recipe. We used five pounds of Canadian yellow potatoes and a crap-ton of butter. The French ratte Potato he liked is difficult to find and subbed it with what we could find. We actually cut the butter amount in half and it was still incredible. We just couldn't bring ourselves to put the prescribed amount in. The recipe is easily found online. WOW!!! -MJ

MJ and Michelle followed the Joël Robuchon mashed potato recipe for Thanksgiving. If you like butter, this is definitely one to try.

MJ and Michelle couldn’t find themselves to use the entire amount of butter suggested in the recipe. But, if you want to follow it yourself, click here.

Not a mashed potato fan? Try MJ’s spaghetti sauce recipe.




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