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James Beeks probably should learn when to “Beat It” because the “Man in the Mirror” might not be a “Smooth Criminal.”

The Orlando Michael Jackson impersonator was one of those at the U.S. Capitol riots back in January. The Tampa Bay Times says Beeks is part of the “Oath Keepers” a far-right militia group. Beeks was said to be wearing a Michael Jackson Bad World Tour jacket at the Capitol that day.

They say initially the prosecutors weren’t really planning to lock him up before the trial. But when Beeks went off about the court not being able to have any authority over him, it didn’t score him points. Then they say he made comments that the judge called “gobbledygook.” Prosecutors say Beeks told a company he was performing for that he’s a “sovereign citizen.” However, Beeks denied that in court. Probably a smart move since those who proclaim the government to be illegitimate usually don’t get released before trial.

Beeks needs to wear a GPS monitor and isn’t allowed to possess a gun or have any contact with the militia group as conditions of his release. He’s charged with obstruction of Congress and unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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