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A woman was arrested after allegedly using another person’s credit card at a diner in Belleview, FL. Apparently, Cheri Ann Taylor went to purchase her meal at David’s Plaza Lunch on Tuesday, December 21. Police say she tried to forge the man’s signature.

According to Ocala News, a waitress approached a police officer who was at the diner at the same time. She said she saw a Facebook post describing a similar accident involving the woman at another restaurant and the same credit card.

Taylor told police that the credit card belonged to her boyfriend’s father, according to reports. However, she couldn’t remember the man’s name.

After being arrested, police say they found a burnt glass pipe in her jacket, and another glass pipe in a suitcase in her possession.

According to police, Taylor is still being held on $3,000 at the Marion County Jail and she faces a felony charge for forgery and a misdemeanor charge for drug paraphernalia.

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