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City leaders in St. Pete Beach passed the “Micromobility Ordinance” for safety purposes.

The ban covers eBicycles and other motorized devices. Electric bicycles are seen ‘whipping’ down the road at nearly 20 mph. Residents and visitors complain about needing to dodge the speedy bikes.

St. Pete Beach now bans eBicylcles. This also includes motorized skateboards, scooters and hover boards. They are not allowed on the beach or sidewalks. Use of regular bicycles will be looked at on a future date.

The city defines “Micromobility Device” as any motorized transportation device which is not capable of traveling at more than 20 mph on level ground. This does not include devices required by handicapped individuals. “Motorized Bicycles” are electric bicycles or tricycles equipped with fully operable pedals, a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, and an electric motor of less than 750 watts.

According to the ordinance, riding these devices is prohibited on any sidewalk or on the beach within the city. They can be used in bike lanes, shared-use paths, or on streets with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. Devices must operate at 15 mph or less.

Also, nobody under 16 years old can use a micromobility device in the city.

You can find the full wording of the ordinance here.
[Source Bay News 9]

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