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A new study is out with the best and worst states to raise kids. If you’ve thought about moving around the country to bring up your little ones, here are the results Wallet Hub found. They considered things like a state’s education system, healthy lifestyles, unemployment rates, family fun activities and affordability.

The best 3 states to raise children?
You’ll want to head north. Way north. Massachusetts ranked highest on the list. The Bay State scored well with education and child care, but slipped a bit when it comes to “family fun.” New York came in second place, but took a hit on affordability. Vermont rounds out the top 3, topping the U.S. when it comes to heatlh and safety. But just like Vermont, they took a big hit on “family fun,” ranking 44th out of the 50 states.

How did Florida do?
Florida didn’t do so well. We came in near the bottom of the list. Florida DID do well in one category: family fun. That’s easily understandable. But Florida came in dead last in affordability. That category takes into consideration things like real estate prices, credit scores of residents, debt, and how much money families are saving for college education.

The 10 worst states to raise a family…
Curious who ranked lower than Florida in the survey? Here are the WORST ten states to raise a family according to the study. [Source: Wallet Hub]

#1: Mississippi
#2: New Mexico
#3: Louisiana
#4: South Carolina
#5: Oklahoma
#6: West Virginia
#7: Arkansas
#8: Alabama
#9: Nevada
#10: Georgia

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