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A woman down in Naples was arrested after running over a police officer’s foot with a golf cart, according to Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

44-year-old Kelly L. Haney of Indiana was attending an art show in Naples when this all went down, according to reports. Apparently, Haney was stopped by traffic police after they had learned she had busted through barricades and drove on a pedestrian only path Sunday afternoon. Reports say she did stop after an officer told her to do so, but proceeded to move forward again when the officer was in front of the golf cart. This is when she allegedly drove over the officer’s foot.

Police say they asked why she drove on the pedestrian path. She apparently told cops it was the only way to a nearby parking garage, and that running over the officer’s foot was an accident. Cops say they smelled alcohol on Haney’s breath. Reports show that she told officers she had two glasses of champagne an hour before she was stopped by police.

Officers arrested Haney for DUI with a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater, and was taken to the Naples Jail Center according to Fox 13.

She was released on bond Monday, according to police.

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[Sources: WPBF, WPTV, NBC]

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