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A manatee swims among seagrass in the Homosassa River.

Manatee flatulence is a thing. They actually have a valid excuse though. Apparently it helps the creatures control their buoyancy.

According to a new video posted by St. Pete kayak company “See Through Canoe,” manatee farts smell as bad as ours. They’re described as a mix of rotten cabbage and sulfur. They must be “silent but deadly” because listen to the video below. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I could fall asleep to the sound of bubbling manatee farts.

My weird curiosity made me look up what other animals fart. We all know dogs do. Other famous fascinating farters include bats, rats, zebras, bearded dragons, cattle, seals, snakes, chimpanzees, and baboons. [Source: Washington Post]

Oh and Gronks. Gronks also fart.

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