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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hosting a playoff game on Wild Card Weekend. The Philadelphia Eagles are in town as the Bucs’ first postseason opponent.

What makes this game a record-setter is that ticket prices have reached a new level. They are the priciest tickets ever for a Wild Card round. As of Friday, the average price for a ticket, according to Business Journal, is $352. The previous record was set by the Eagles in 2019, with $346 as the average price.

On the high side, there was a pair of tickets online through TickPick that were priced at $1,469 per ticket. That’s $2,938 for two to watch a Wild Card game. Stub Hub was showing tickets ranging from $140 up to $2,000 per seat. (This excludes fees.)

The cheapest Wild Card game this weekend? The New England Patriots versus the Buffalo Bills. Tickets for that game have a median price of $138, and tickets as low as $54.
[Source: TBBJ]

Bucs vs. Eagles – 7 Things To Know If You Wanna Go

The Tampa Bay Lightning did it. Now it’s time to find out… can the Bucs repeat as champs? Their Super Bowl run begins this weekend and here’s all you need to know to be a part of it.

If you’re going to the game in person, have fun. Be sure to bring cash for parking as most of those private lots can’t take a credit card. If you’re not into fighting traffic and crowds, there’s no better seat than your own living room! Plus the bathroom lines are shorter and beer is way cheaper.

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