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Not feelin’ the love this Valentine’s Day? All over your social media feed for the next few weeks, you’ll see those happy couples showing off the flowers, smiles and rainbows. If you’ve ever gone through a pre-Valentine’s Day break up, there’s a new flick you’re going to love opening this month.

I got an invite to check out a new romcom that’ll be out on Amazon next week called “I Want You Back.” It follows the lives of recently-dumped Jenny Slate and Charlie Day. Given marching orders on the same weekend, they plot to get back with their exes. You see them scroll through the social media timelines of their former loves… reading comments, hating on the new loves in their exes’ lives. We all do it. We may not follow our exes but from time to time, we all check up on them to make sure they’re not happier without us. Every detail in every post is scrutinized to ensure life was better when you were together. It’s moments like this in the movie that are frustratingly relatable.

By using each other trying to sabotage their exes new relationships, you start to assume they’re going to fall in love with each other. Well for you would-be movie directors, the movie’s twists and turns aren’t as predictable as you think. The ploys Slate and Day’s characters use to break up the new couples are pretty out there, but they lead to some really great laugh out loud moments. And about halfway through during a hot tub scene, there are hilarious cameos that made everyone in the theater gasp.

The movie is cute, funny and not too heavy. There’s some colorful language so you might not want the kids in the living room when this is on. But ironically it’s a hilarious kid who uses the profanity and steals the scene more than once.

I Want You Back is coming out February 11. It’s going to be this year’s date night movie for Valentine’s Day and it can be a date night at home since you’ll be able to watch it on Amazon. If you’re a Prime member, it’ll be the cheapest date night for Valentine’s Day you’ve had in years. Maybe spend that $25 you’d have paid at the movie theater on some pie. You’ll get it when you watch.

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