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Yes, there are times when ice will accumulate on our windshields here in the Tampa Bay area. What’s the best way to avoid it or to remove it?

You may have gotten up, got ready for the day and headed out to the car. If you found ice on your windshield and other car windows, how would you handle it?

We don’t usually have to deal with this in the Tampa Bay area, but each year, we may have a handful of mornings with this issue. If you can’t park in a garage and your car’s windshield winds up with a layer of ice, here are some ideas to help de-ice.

First, if you’re just going to scrape the windshield, remember this: do not use a metal scraper. It can scrape or otherwise damage the glass. As the ice begins to melt, you can also use windshield wipers, a rubber squeegee or soft bristle brush.

You can help speed up the melting. You might not happen to have commercial de-icing solutions at home. (Florida, remember?) You can, however, easily make something that can help. If you mix one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water, plus just a few drops of dish soap, you can make a solution. Use a spray bottle bottle to coat the ice. Alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water. Also, turn on your defroster to speed up the melting.
Do not pour hot water onto the glass. That can cause cracks. Don’t use a torch or hammer either.

Now, if you know the freeze is coming, here are some ideas on how to keep ice from your windshield. Cover your windshield with a sheet, towel or tarp. For added help, you can soak the windshield in a solution of salt water (one tablespoon of salt per quart of water). You can also make a solution to spray onto the windshield of vinegar and water (one part water, three parts white vinegar). Spray the vinegar solution on the windshield, then wipe off.
Just be sure to clean the vehicle after using salt water (or any solution) so it doesn’t damage the paint or wax job on your car.
[Source: AAA]

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