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Its time has come. The Florida State Senate passed a bill to create an official state dessert.

Not to be confused with the state pie, the Key Lime Pie, this is for the official state dessert. This is a strawberry shortcake made with Florida-grown berries and topped with Florida-made whipped cream.

The strawberry shortcake bill was a “berry good bill,” according to Senator Danny Burgess. Plant City, home to so many acres of strawberry fields, is in Burgess’ district.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously. Now, it must go through the House of representatives before being heard by the full legislature. Then it will head to the governor to be signed into law. (“I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill…”)

Senator Danny Burgess was even ‘berry’ appropriately dressed for the occasion.

[Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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