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Traveling can be stressful for anyone. The long lines, delays and just harried feeling you get when you’re traveling.

For those individuals with disabilities, there may be another layer of stress added to the experience. Airport crowds and noises may be troublesome, as well. But at Tampa International Airport, there’s a new program available to travelers with disabilities, particularly hidden disabilities. The swarms of people, the sounds, and the scramble of airport travel can be overwhelming, especially for those with certain conditions or disabilities. Tampa International Airport rolled out a new program to help reduce that anxiety.

It’s the Sunflower Lanyard program. It allows for traveler who have disabilities to be subtly recognized by airport personnel, thanks to the lanyard. This allows for them to be given any extra attention, information, and/or compassion they may need. If, for instance, a traveler is autistic, epileptic, hearing or vision impaired, they are able to let others know just by the fact that they are wearing the lanyard.

The program is currently in the U.K, around some airports in the U.S., including seven in Florida. Kudos to TPA for bringing the program on board.

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