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You’ve seen him as Gas Nozzle Man. Now see him as Drive Thru Garbage Man! Fester drove to various fast food joints around town and asked people, “can you throw this away for me?”

But instead of handing cashiers normal trash (such as straw wrappers, receipt papers, or other small garbage), Fester handed attendants ridiculous items.

With computer keyboards, extension cords, and pool noodles, the real question is… Did they take it?

Watch the FULL VIDEO here.


Here is Fester’s first crack at pretending to drive off from a gas station ripping the hose from the pump!

Fester is Gas Nozzle Man #1


Fester went out to do another round of “Fester is Gas Nozzle Man!” But things didn’t end well the second time…

Fester is Gas Nozzle Man #2



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