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If you bid on this piece of football history, you really needed to reach deep into your wallet. The winner is probably also now very upset with the timing. The ball from Tom Brady’s final touchdown pass of the playoffs in 2022 was sold by Leland’s Auction.

Whoever won this auction probably really hoped Tom Brady stays retired. However, we now know that things quickly turned around on whoever offered the winning bid.

The auction was described on Leland’s website as “Lot # 2: Tom Brady’s Last Touchdown Pass Football (Photo-Matched & MeiGray LOA).” It came from the game Brady played at Raymond James Stadium on January 23, 2002.

The playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams didn’t go the way Tampa would have preferred. The touchdown pass was a 55-yard touchdown to Mike Evans. Mike, as always threw the ball into the stands.

Until this past weekend, Brady was “retired,” but after this auction had ended, news broke of his return due to “unfinished business.” It was predicted that the football would go for at least $1 million. The winning bid won the football for just $518,628. There were 23 bids, and the bidding began at $100,000.

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