Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore in Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2 of Ozark.

Netflix dropped the trailer for Ozark‘s final season today (March 29), and we are in for a wild ride. When we last left off, Ruth (Julia Garner) was driving her car to (spoiler alert) get revenge for Wyatt’s murder.

In last month’s teaser for Ozark‘s final seven episodes, Ruth said, “My childhood traumas are not like yours. You see, I’m a cursed Langmore. Long inured to violence and death, and in the case of a Langmore, perhaps not soon enough.” At one point in the teaser, she’s seen pointing a rifle at Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney).

Today’s trailer drop showed Marty and Wendy having a drink while Marty says, “I’m so sick of having blood on my hands, Wendy. It doesn’t bother you?” In typical Wendy coldness, she says, “You’re so desperate to be the good guy,” as she takes a swig from the bottle.

(Spoiler alert again): A shocking moment of the trailer is when we see a hooded Ruth walking up to Javi in broad daylight on the street and shoots him from point-blank range. Folks on Twitter were complaining about Netflix dropping a major spoiler, with one user writing, “Nah that’s an insane spoiler to put in a trailer.”

In the rest of the trailer we see Marty telling Agent Maya Miller, “We’re in a lot of danger,” to which she replies, “That’s your choice. You’re just another criminal to me now.” Elsewhere, the Byrdes visit Omar Navarro in prison, offering to “Go to Mexico to reestablish” his control.

The end justifies the means. Watch the trailer for Ozark Season 4 Part 2, which premieres April 29 on Netflix, below:

In the meantime, the first part of season 4 is already available to stream on the platform. Episodes one through seven of the final season aired on January 21.

Scenes From ‘Ozark’ Season 4

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