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Wow.  Where I grew up the number was (207) 775-4321.  That’s a number I haven’t forgotten even though the last time I called it was probably over 30 years ago.  It was the number to get the time and temperature where I grew up in Westbrook, Maine.  I moved to Florida 10 years ago so you probably remember a different number.  Is it one of these?

(813) 622-1212 (Tampa)
(727) 894-6666 (St. Petersburg)
(727) 447-6611 (Clearwater)

If so, welcome back to your childhood.  They’re back according to the Tampa Bay Times.  Sure you could just look at your cell phone.  But it’s nice even if it’s only for a little bit of nostalgia.  And those numbers are still fantastic to give out when someone wants your number who you don’t want having it. [Source: TBT]

Back then after you called to get the time and temperature, you probably called Q105 to hear one of these songs.  Good news.  Our phone number still works too!

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