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Julia Childs I am not. I’m more of a lesser-known Guy Fieri. Except I can’t cook. But I’m pretty proud of my creation – Geno’s Ruffles Cheesesteak.

There’s a little bar near the radio station that I frequent for lunch after my show. Brewer’s Tasting Room in St. Pete is mostly known for their selection of craft beers, but I usually have to be responsible because I usually head back to work after. So I get their craft orange cream soda from some brewery in Pennsylvania. There’s also a root beer, cherry cola, grapde soda, and ginger ale. But the beer options are pretty spectacular. You can take a live look at today’s list of breweries they’ve got on the menu on their website.

They partnered with the Cheesesteak Company some time back. I’m assuming that used to be a food truck and now they just have a spot within Brewer’s Tasting Room. My thing to get their is their basic Signature Cheesesteak with cheddar fondue. You can get a little more creative – there’s a buffalo style, a pizza-steak, or if you like it extra cheesy, there’s a Quad Cheesesteak. But I keep it simple – the Signature comes with a bag of Ruffles chips. My magical culinary creation? Dump the bag inside the sandwich. Let the fondue crawl through those Ruffles ridges and enjoy that crunch when you bite into your cheesesteak. On some days they have regular plain Lay’s chips – and I kind of like those better. But either way, the combo of the soft bread and crunch chips with that gooey fondue is pretty awesome. Have I wow’d you with my kitchen prowess?

I’m not even saying this is the best cheesesteak in Tampa Bay. It’s not. Delco’s in Dunedin will probably forever own that title. But Brewer’s Tasting Room is an easy 5 minute drive away from the radio station so the next time you’re coming over to pick up a prize, drop in if you’re hungry. I haven’t tried any of their apps yet but they have all the bar basics: quesadillas, wings, chicken tenders, and pretzels. The cheese fries are a great addition to your cheesesteak if you’re super hungry.

Brewers Tasting Room is at 11270 4th Street North in St. Petersburg. They open for lunch at 11am and close at 11pm, except on Friday and Saturday when they stay open until midnight. If it’s not too hot out, there’s a patio and some outdoor seating. There are trivia and open mic nights too.

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