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These days you have to be careful about the kind of jokes you make. Not a bad move to steer clear of offensive ‘Yo Mama’ jokes. But it’s still no excuse to hit someone.

According to Pinellas County deputies, a man in Clearwater was arrested for simple battery after a “Yo Mama” joke. Malachi Emanuel Romney, 38, of Clearwater was talking with the victim and asked about the victim’s prom dress.

How did the victim respond? With a “Yo Mama” joke. This displeased Romney. Deputies said the suspect then put his hand around the victim’s neck.

The suspect admitted to placing his hands around the victim’s neck, but he explained that he didn’t use pressure with his hands.

We can only imagine what kind of “Yo Mama” joke it was that led to this. Could it have been a “Yo Mama So Fat” joke? Or maybe a “Yo Mama So Stupid.” Please, don’t let it have been a “Yo Mama So Ugly.”

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