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We hear too many negative stories in the news, but this is one celebrating heroics of two Florida deputies. It makes you appreciate what kind of real-life heroes can be found here in our Tampa Bay community.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister called in on the MJ Morning Show on Wednesday to discuss the heroics of Deputy Kevin Reich and Deputy Alexander Maldonado. They saved a 9-year-old boy’s life last Thursday night by pulling him out the window of a burning home. The Sheriff told us that had the boy been in the house three minutes longer, he likely would’ve died.

Footage from deputies’ body cameras has been released, but Sheriff Chronister told us another crazy story. It just so happened one of the deputies was working that night with the COPS TV show producers and so we will see their footage eventually on an episode of Cops.

Sheriff Chronister also shared with us how the nine-year old is doing. He is still recovering in the hospital. You can hear the entire interview here.

Thank God for these amazing heroes who thought nothing of risking their own lives to save this boy.

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