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What’s your favorite combo? Is it Cats and Coffee?

Might not be the first combination you think of, but for those who love a nice cup of java and love you’re little feline fur babies, have we got that place for you!

The grand opening date has not yet been set, but some time this summer, you’ll be able to visit the new concept at 4033 Henderson Boulevard.

It’s called Cats Caffeine. If anyone wants to lend a helping hand with the kittens, you can check out Cats Caffeine on Amazon and find their Wishlist.

What kind of cool stuff will they be doing and have they done? Well so far, they’ve had pop up kitten yoga classes. And once the cafe is open, they’ll probably be continuing those kitty yoga sessions on occasion or maybe even on a regular basis.

If you’re still wondering what this concept will truly offer, let me explain further. Their goal is to offer a unique experience to customers. You sip teas and coffees and hang out with cats and kittens. And here is the coolest part…this is a huge benefit to homeless cats. The kittens and cats are so happy because they receive some much needed love. And the humans receive a therapeutic benefit, as well. It’s a win-win!

How do they do it? With a little help from Cat Lovers, Inc. Cat Lovers, Inc. is a feline rescue organization. While kittens and cats wait to find their forever family, they hang out in the lounge getting plenty of cuddling from guests.

You can choose your experience. Decide if you want a twenty-five minute session or a fifty minute session, and you can book online. And don’t worry! Walk-ins are welcome, too! There will be more fun events of cat pairings to choose from…Cats and Wine, Cats and Movies, and more!

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