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This is one sandwich. You read that correctly.

If you’re up for one of those food challenges like you see on cable TV, head to 4th Street North in St. Pete near Q105. We have a favorite lunch spot nearby called Stein’s Deli. They DO have normal sandwiches. There are the staples of Florida like the Cuban. But the real jaw-droppers are their “Stein’s Monster Triple Deckers.” But make sure you’re hungry. These New York style lunch creations are not for the calorie counter.

steinsThese triple deckers are enormous. I’m a big boy. I’m 6’4″ and about 300 pounds. I can finish one half of these sandwiches for lunch but the other half goes into the fridge for dinner later. They have some variations but the one I’d go with is called The Broadway. It’s roast beef, turkey, ham, salami and Swiss cheese topped with some cole slaw and Russian dressing. There are about a half dozen similar options that switch out 1 or 2 ingredients. But the Broadway is my jam. And I’ve never been able to finish one – no matter how hungry I am when I go.

I asked the guy who I think owns the place if anyone ever does finish a Broadway in one sitting. My eyes widened when he told me there was a security guy who worked at the dog track nearby on Gandy who finished TWO of them. I’d explode.

Be sure to get a side of their potato salad too. It’s pretty phenomenal. Those triple decker sandwiches run you about $8. And now for another one of my Geno Ate Tampa adventures

Geno Visits The Bakery and Deli at Mazzaro's Italian Market in St. Pete

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