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You’re not allowed to make contact with a wild manatee, but apparently that doesn’t mean they can’t steal from you.

While celebrating July 4th and swimming off Ft. Pierce, a family was enjoying the waters on their surf boards. They could see through the clear waters, and they spotted something dark in the water. At first they couldn’t really tell what it was.

As the dark images in the water got closer, they realized there were several manatees in the water with them. The family grabbed a camera and got some footage. What they didn’t realize was they would soon have a fun viral video.

One of the manatees swam to one of the 11-year-old sons who had a surfboard. The playful manatee then took over the board.

Watch the video below of the experience with the manatee.

[Source: Tampa Bay’s 10]

Tampa Bay Area Beach Among World's Best For 2022

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