AUDIO: Geno chats with Ryan Catterson, whose name is on “The Worst Seat at Tropicana Field”

Last week, I told you about a survey did to find the absolute WORST seat in every Major League Baseball ballpark. Their research took into consideration things like how far a seat was from home plate and if there was an obstructed view. They counted the number of steps to get to the bathroom and concession stands. After all the math was done, they came up with one seat in every stadium that you should avoid. At Tropicana Field, that seat you want to avoid for a Tampa Bay Rays game was in Section 129, Row G, Seat 1.

It struck me as odd that the first seat in the front row could be so bad. Then last week, when I went to a Rays game, I went on the hunt for the infamous seat to see if it really was so bad. And then I realized the survey was spot on. When I took some photos of the view from the seat, I decided to take a pic of the seat itself. It wasn’t until the next day when I noticed the seat had a name on it. The Rays do that for season ticket holders. So I poked a little fun at Ryan Catterson, the owner (or so I thought) of the worst seat at Tropicana Field.

A few days after writing the article, I noticed Ryan left a comment on my Facebook page. Turns out Ryan hadn’t sat in that seat for a while. And he probably won’t anytime soon. Has NO regrets about buying season tickets and choosing that seat when he did. In fact, he thought he got a bargain because it put him right next to one of his favorite players. Plus, when he bought the seat, there really wasn’t an obstructed view. In fact, he has a pretty awesome memory – Willy Aybar hit a home run off the foul pole and it bounced right to him sitting at that seat. Take a listen to his story as you go through the pics I took last week!

The View From The WORST Seat at Tropicana Field


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