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Tom Brady took little time to goof on his own photo that’s going viral this morning, tweeting “This one should go over well in the locker room…”

This morning, @BradyBrand tweeted a shirtless Tom Brady photo wearing what they call “the most comfortable swim short you’ll ever wear.” Tired of your swimming trunks being wet? Then why are you even swimming? Apparently this is an issue though so the scientists at the Tom Brady labs created these shorts with “shake-to-dry technology” that features “zero water retention.”

They say these polyester shorts will give you more time to enjoy those fun summer activities instead of having to stop and change out of wet swimsuit.

So how much will these babies cost? $95! Apparently they’re expecting quite the rush of preorders so they encourage you to sign up right away to get on the waitlist. Get in line now folks. I’m a frugal kind of guy so I’m just gonna wait ’til they go on sale for $90.

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