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Geno, Kid K and DJ Slice in Daytona Beach.

While most kids his age are listening Cardi B, you’ll find Kaelum White spinning Stevie B classics in arenas all over the world. Known professionally as DJ Kid K, Kaelum hasn’t even graduated high school yet but you’ll see him on stage with Stevie B when Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam returns to Amalie Arena August 12.

At age 8, DJ Kid K picked up the first and only instrument he’s learned to play… the turntables. He’s dabbled with playing the drums a bit, but he says he’s never really taken to it completely.

Now, not even a decade later, he’s playing clubs he’s too young to even get in to. Plus he’s touring the world playing to tens of thousands of 40 and 50 somethings who share his passion for old school jams. His godfather is a DJ and inspired his love for the classics we all grew up on in the 80s. Because of godson, he’s now had the chance to meet his favorite artist and Kid’s boss… Stevie B.

Check out this chat I had with Kid K. The kid is a teenage phenom. You’ll hear his talent on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party tonight at 10:20 as he features a megamix with a bunch of the acts playing Tampa’s Freestyle Explosion this year. And be sure to get to Amalie Arena early as you’ll hear Kid tearing it up on stage before DJ Slice and I kick off Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam!

7 Great SLOW Jams You'll Hear at Freestyle Explosion Tampa

When Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam returns to Amalie Arena in Tampa this August, you know you’ll spend very little time in your seat. With so many great dance hits from the freestyle legends, it’ll feel like Amalie Arena is one big dance club. But don’t forget – many of these artists had love songs to slow it down to as well. Here are 7 big slow jams to look forward to August 12, 2022.

  • Brenda K Starr - I Still Believe

    I got to hear Brenda do this song in Daytona last summer. Her vocals will blow you away. And she nailed every note of this song.

  • The Jets - Make It Real

    The Jets return to Tampa for the first time since their Freestyle Explosion performance at USF in 2019.  The cell phones were in the air as soon as this one started.

  • Stevie B - Because I Love You (The Postman Song)

    Stevie is so well-known for his club anthems like Spring Love and Party Your Body, that you sometimes forget he had a #1 with this one!

  • The Cover Girls - We Can't Go Wrong

    The Cover Girls were also at that USF show and delivered non stop hits throughout their set.

  • Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - All Cried Out

    Oh sure we love Head to Toe and I Wonder If I Take You Home, but Lisa’s gut-wrenching ballad will take you back to your first heartbreak.

  • The Jets - You've Got It All

    Honey it’s true!  There’s just you!

  • The Cover Girls - Wishing On A Star

    The Cover Girls famous cover… song!

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