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Wild boar walking

Wild hogs are becoming an issue for folks living in Sun City Center.

Our friends at ABC Action News chatted with some residents and found out the scoop.

A gentleman named Jim Gilbert, who lives in Sun City, explained. “I was actually in the pool and I looked out and there was one looking at me 20 feet away. You just hope that your screen is strong enough.” Other neighbors complain that the hogs coming from the woods behind the homes are destroying property.

Peter Pullen, who also lives there, lamented about the fact that the HOA doesn’t allow fences. “If one of them comes after me, I don’t run as fast as I used.”

A likely reason for the pigs is that all of the construction is driving them from their homes.

Residents said they believe new construction is to blame for driving the pigs onto their properties.

“People think it’s a joke, oh you’ve got pigs in your yard, but forget about the property damage, someone is going to get seriously hurt,” said Gilbert.

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