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Seized drug bag isolated. Drugs package, heroin bricks, cocain pack, smuggling, drugs trafficking on white background

Have you heard of the term “square grouper”?

It’s an expression used to describe a bale of cocaine or marijuana that’s wrapped in plastic and may have been thrown over board by drug dealers.

Well dozens of packages of cocaine wrapped in plastic rolled up along the coastline of the Florida Keys. This happened over the weekend, according to authorities in the Florida Keys.

Thankfully, the drugs weren’t discovered by someone with nefarious purposes, trying to keep the drugs to either use or sell them, rather they were found by a good guy. The guy was near a line of mangroves near the Ocean Pointe Condominiums when he saw the packages. We think this is video on Facebook is the discovery.

Here’s the shocking part. The drugs weighed 126 lbs. We were trying to do some quick math on the show, converting grams to pounds, and we calculated the street value to be more than two million dollars.

After the man called authorities about his discovery, Monroe County arrived to test the contents and confirmed it was cocaine.

Listeners called into the show and shared instances where they had made discoveries of drugs along shorelines or stories of friends who had done so. Crazy!

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Florida Gulf Coast Beaches With 'No Swim' Advisories

Some Florida counties have had their beaches labeled with “no swim” advisories by the Florida Department of Health. Why and which beaches are they?

As for why, water samples taken at a number of beaches on the Gulf of Mexico have shown potentially unhealthy levels of enterococi bacteria. This can cause various ailments including rashes, infections and other diseases.

Some of the beaches are on Tampa Bay, and some are on the Gulf of Mexico. Here is a list of beaches where a “no swim” advisory is in effect.

  • Manatee County

    Bayfront Park North
    Coquina Beach North
    Palma Sola South

  • Hillsborough County

    Bahia Beach
    Simmons Park Beach

  • Sarasota County

    Bird Key Park/Ringling Causeway
    Venice Fishing Pier
    Brohard Beach