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MJ is the giving sort. For a week, he’ll be giving away Surface Pro tablets each morning. Four times each morning!

They aren’t just any tablets. They are Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Watch the video as MJ announced the upcoming contest.

There will be more details coming soon! The giveaways will begin on Monday, August 15.

A Tampa go-kart, mini golf, batting cage and game center, open since 1978, closed its doors for the last time

Grand Prix Tampa Fun Center Closes Permanently

It opened as Malibu Grand Prix the year I first moved to Tampa. With a race track and video games, it was the place to go for fun.

Grand Prix Tampa was previously known as Malibu Grand Prix or Castle Golf & Games. It featured the go-kart tracks, which I’ve driven plenty of times. I smelled a lot of fumes and burned a lot of rubber!

They once had a pool for bumper boats, but that was filled in for an additional track. The property also hosted two mini golf courses, batting cages and game rooms. It had its ups and downs over more than 40 years.

Now, developers have purchased the property for over $8 million. That leaves the area without a beloved place for recreation. They plan to build apartments on the site. Grand Prix Tampa‘s website has a message thanking their fans.

  • Q105 was there for the grand opening

    We knew from the start we’d be having fun here for years to come. We certainly never wanted it to end.

    Malibi Grand Prix Grand Opening

    Here’s the Q105 crew from 1978 packed in a car at Malibu Grand Prix when it opened in 1978.
    (Image courtesy of Mason Dixon)

  • It wasn't JUST for kids

    There was even a bar so they could try to attract USF students. Okay, they had soda for the younger fans.

  • Did you ever try to hit a fastball?

    It's a beautiful day to take a few swings in our batting cages. We've got 9 different cages, come and check them out! We're open until 8pm!

    Posted by Grand Prix Tampa on Monday, November 23, 2020

  • It was a great place to spend a day outside playing mini golf

    With two separate 18 hole courses, you could alternate each time you visited.

    It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY at Grand Prix Tampa. Take advantage of it by spending the day with us! We're open until 8pm!

    Posted by Grand Prix Tampa on Friday, October 30, 2020

  • The sign you now see at the entrance off Nebaska Avenue