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Tropical cyclone in the gulf of Mexican. Huge hurricane, view from space.

According to forecasters, the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is still slated as an “above-average” season.

Our friends at 10 Tampa Bay detailed what we might expect.

There are a total of fourteen to twenty named storms with tropical strength storms forecasted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this season.

It always seems like there is less activity during the beginning half of the season and then it picks up in August and peaks in September.

On average, we can expect to see seven hurricanes and three major one per year.

Rick Spinrad is a Ph.D and NOAA Administrator. He explained, “We’re just getting into the peak months of August through October for hurricane development, and we anticipate that more storms are on the way. NOAA stands ready to deliver timely and accurate forecasts and warnings to help communities prepare in advance of approaching storms.”

This forecast is not a “landfall” forecast. This means that it doesn’t foretell the number of storms that will hit land.

Do you remember what 1992 was like? It was a horrific year for storms making landfall. Tropical Depression One, Tropical Storm Danielle…and then the big one, Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew was a category 5. The damage it casued totaled more than $27.3 billion, and that’s not even adjusted for inflation.

One thing to remember about hurricane prep is that you can do it anytime. Don’t wait until a weather forecaster is reporting that a storm is on the way. Then you run the risk of trying to go by sandbags or bottled water and running into short supply issues.

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