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Clearwater Police have arrested 37 year old Melisha Ford. The Clearwater woman is (or probably more accurately… was) the assistant manager of the Dollar Tree store on Highland Avenue, according to Channel 8.

According to the story, it was Ford’s job to take the cash from the registers at the end of the day and deposit it in a lock box at a bank. Well a couple days went by earlier this month and there were no deposits. The Dollar Tree district manager paid a visit to get to the bottom of it. Somehow things must’ve gotten smoothed over because Ford was still charged with making the deposits the next week and sure enough, deposits were not made two days in a row again.

Police say Ford’s next move was pretty extreme – they say she had her 15 year old son pretend to rob her at the store using a BB gun. They say Ford made a 911 call to report the “robbery.” Clearwater Police say she eventually admitted to stealing $5,000 and arranging the fake robbery. She is now charged with scheming to defraud and falsely reporting a crime. And she probably needs a new job. [Source: Channel 8]

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