Buccaneers fans cheer on their team during the NFC Wild Card game against the New York Giants at Raymond James Stadium on January 6, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.

The Bucs are back Sunday night baby! The game won’t be in Tampa though. In fact, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t play their first game at Raymond James Stadium until September 25 when they take on the Green Bay Packers. But that’ll give you time to save up some cash because you’ll need it. According to a new survey by Bookies, a game at Ray Jay is the second priciest day out for a family of 4 in the entire National Football League.

They did the research into what it would cost a family of 4 to take in an NFL game considering the price of tickets, parking, 2 beers, 2 sodas and 4 hot dogs. A Bucs game will run you about $948 – almost double the league average. Only one team has a more expensive experience: the San Francisco 49ers. Here’s the rest of the Top 10…

1. San Francisco 49ers: $1,028.34
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $947.69
3. Kansas City Chiefs: $819.20
4. Las Vegas Raiders: $802.40
5. Dallas Cowboys: $748.00
6. Los Angeles Rams: $741.83
7. Philadelphia Eagles: $724.33
8. Houston Texans: $631.50
9. Chicago Bears: $599.90
10. New England Patriots: $585.85

So where’s the bargain? Head to Arizona. A Cardinals game will cost you only about $228! [Source: Bookies]

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