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We read a CRAZY story that explained how 33% of Americans reveal they’ve sent a sexy photo or sexual words in a text.

And we all find this hard to believe, but apparently, the average person has sent SIX of those types of message to the wrong person in their lifetime. WOW! I have so many questions…starting with the notion of “over their lifetime.” I mean are they interviewing people in nursing homes??

In other words, I would hypothesize that it’s the younger crowd sending all these salacious messages, which would mean that if they’ve sent six to the wrong person so far, they still have time to increase that number over their lifetime. But what do I know?

And then there’s the whole issue of sending a text to the wrong person. Even if I’m sending a non-salacious text, but maybe one that is just intended for one person and is of a semi-private nature, like maybe I’m expressing my annoyance with MJ to one of my other co-workers (Just kidding, MJ! I would never do that!) In any case, whenever I send a message, I triple check who the recipient is.

We had a fun discussion with listeners about their texting mishaps.

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Where Is Tampa On The "Most Desirable Places To Move To" List?

We know that Americans have been relocating and many have been moving to the Sunshine State.

Homebay.com put together a really big survey to discover where Americans would and would NOT like to live.

The least desirable place to move to is Los Angeles. The least desirable overall state to move to is California. The most desirable state is of course, our Sunshine State.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Cities people would like to move to.

  • 1. Virginia Beach

  • 2. Seattle

  • 3. San Diego

  • 4. Los Angeles

    So even though LA earned the top “least desirable” spot, it also found it’s way onto this list.

  • 5. San Fran

  • 6. Phoenix

  • 7. Denver

  • 8. Miami

  • 9. Nashville

  • 10. Tampa