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If you live in an area where gators are nearby, you always want to be on the lookout for them, especially if you have pets.

Florida Fish and Wildlife trappers had to remove an alligator from a canal in Cape Coral. A homeowner observed the gator eat a cat and a dog during the same day.

On Wednesday morning the family heard a dog yelping and then some splashes.

Alex Phillips told NBC affiliate WBBH, “We got up, came out, and looked and it was an alligator with a dog in its mouth.”

About an hour later, they heard another splash. “We were sitting in the lanai and we heard another splash,” Phillips said. “The gator is now wrestling with a cat.”

The cat was trapped in the gator’s jaws. The cat slowly backed down into a storm drain clutching the cat.

Trappers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife trappers got on the scene. And after just one cast of their rod, they were able to catch the gator.

One of the trapper’s explained, “This gator’s been fed. You see how it bulges in? That’s all fat. That’s all from being fed.”

Another homeowner commented to WBBH, “For it to be coming after dogs and animals, what’s stopping it from coming after us.”

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