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University of Tampa students are stunned that one of their own was killed over the weekend. Fox 13 reports that Freshman Carson Senfield was getting home from spending the night with friends when for some reason he tried to enter a car that had a driver inside.

Senfield had just been dropped off by an Uber driver so it’s not understood why he was trying to enter the second car. They say the driver didn’t know Senfield and thought he was trying to break in. The driver says he feared for his life and shot the Senfield in the upper body, killing him.

The incident happened early Saturday morning at about 1AM on the 1000 block of West Arch Street. Tampa Police tell Fox 13 the man who shot Senfield has been cooperative in the investigation. Senfield is from New York and just graduated high school last year. Claudiene Ewing of WGRZ posted to Facebook that Senfield was a hockey player and had just turned 19 that day. [Source: Fox 13]

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