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Many packaged blue mineral water bottles in stock in a store or market.

We love to make a lot of jokes and have fun on the MJ Morning show, but this morning it was all about hurricane preparation.

So many callers and texters shared their best hurricane prep hacks. I compiled this list and will update as more ideas come in:

Go to the “Camping” section at Walmart and buy MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat).

Freeze water in Ziplock bags. It will keep your food cold and thaw so you can drink.

Freezing water in general will provide you with cold drinks but leave a little space in the bottle so the ice doesn’t expand and bust the bottle.

If you can’t get sandbags, fill trash bags with water and line them up outside where you would put sandbags.

For the coffee drinkers, make an extra pot, let it cool, add to freezer bags and freeze. They double as ice packs and also provide necessary caffeine for those of us that NEED it.

Don’t forget about your animals and any special care they may need.

Fill up your toilet with 5-gallon buckets of your pool water.

You can also store water for toilets in your bathtub or washing machine.

Put important documents and critical phone numbers in large plastic baggies.

One person suggested putting important documents in the dishwasher.

The Family Dollar Store sells battery-operated radios at reasonable prices.

You can buy cheap solar lights from garden centers.

Visit the CDC for recommendations on making water safe to drink.

Regarding prescription medication: Due to the state of emergency that was declared, insurance companies must comply with filling scripts early. This includes managed care also. They cannot refuse to cover. The customer must live in a county where the state of emergency was declared.

Don’t forget to check in on your elderly and shut -in neighbors. Make sure they have water and supplies, especially if they don’t drive anymore. Be a good neighbor.

If you usually park under a tree, move your car!

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