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Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister wants to make sure kids are safe this Halloween.

He and his deputies are taking steps to make sure registered sex offenders know they are not permitted to participate in any way. They need to keep the lights at their homes turned off. He’s even encouraging them to put signs in front of their homes letting trick-or-treaters know they aren’t participating.

There are over 1,200 registered sex offenders in the community and deputies are going door-to-door and reiterating the rules that apply to sex offenders. Even if they aren’t home, the deputies will return and keep visiting the particular home until they find them.

We had a chance to catch up with him on the MJ Morning Show on Friday.

He also had a funny story to share with us about how he pulled someone over for aggressive driving recently and how surprised the driver was to see the Sheriff pulling him over.

You can listen to our interview with the Sheriff below.

We appreciate the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department doing everything they can to keep Halloween safe.

Tampa Cracks Top 20 Best U.S. Cities For Halloween List

We love celebrating dressing up and celebrating Halloween. It doesn’t matter what your favorite part is.

Whether it’s dressing up, pigging out on candy, or having fun at a party, it is always a good time.

I know I’m already racking up some Halloween-related expenses planning a little party for my kids and getting our costumes put together.

Nationwide, it’s expected that households will spend a whopping $10.6 billion this year on Halloween-related purchases.

So which city offers the most fun for those who love this spooky holiday. Here are the Top 5 Best Cities for Halloween, plus the city that came in at number 20. Factors the survey looked at included weather and fun Halloween activities to partake in.

  • 1. New York, New York

  • 2. San Francisco, California

  • 3.Miami, Florida

  • 4. Los Angeles, California

  • 5. San Diego, California

  • 20. Tampa