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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31: A child walks down a street in a Halloween costume on October 31, 2015 in New York City. Thousands of people are descending on New York City's Greenwich Village as it prepares to host the 42nd Annual Village Halloween Parade which has become one of the nation's largest. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

All week, we’ve been lamenting the fact that Halloween fact that Halloween falls on a Monday.

It’s definitely not as much fun for kids or adults when you have to get up for school or work the next day. All the creatures, witches, ghouls, and witches will have to treat quickly and get home to get enough time to rest for class the next day. Sunset on Halloween night will be at 6:46 P.M. so it will start to get dark somewhat early. Should be nice weather, too, with lows of 68.

Kids safety is of the upmost importance. Drivers need to remember that kids will be out roaming the streets in neighborhoods before and after dark. Halloween is the most dangerous for kids, as they are statistically twice as likely to be injured or have an accident on Halloween more so than any other night during the year.

According to BayCare Kids Wellness and Safety Specialist Michelle Sterling is BayCare Kids Wellness and Safety Specialist and she said, β€œIt’s important for parents and caregivers to remind their trick-or-treaters about walking safely and sharing the road with drivers before they leave their house.”

To stay safe when walking through the neighborhoods, Sterling says kids need to cross at street corners and use crosswalks. Everyone is out having fun so it’s easy to get lulled into not paying attention to traffic.

Parents should give their trick-or-treaters with flashlights and glow sticks or put reflective tape on costumes. This will make the kids visible to drivers.

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