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We had a pop of seemingly early cold weather in Tampa right after Hurricane Ian. But since then, it’s felt warm.

My kids were just asking, “When is it supposed to get cold?” Well, it looks like it is headed our way soon.

We are going to wake up tomorrow and see temperatures in the 50’s. That will feel good!

According to WFLA Meteorologist Leigh Span, “Temperatures are really going to fall quickly [Wednesday] evening, which will keep us below average for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re going to keep some lingering clouds and eventually, especially toward Sunday and Monday of next week, we’re going to add rain chances back into the forecast.”

During Thanksgiving week, we should see more mild temperatures.

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Froggy’s Favorite Coffee Mugs

When you start your day before the sun is up in the five o’clock hour, it always helps to have some coffee to get you going. MJ is a very strange bird in that he doesn’t need coffee to start his day. He’s a ball of chatty energy on his own. But I need both tea and coffee, and Fester has a splash of coffee with his 15 packets of sugar and 12 ounces of cream, and Froggy drinks coffee and sometimes energy drinks.

I, personally, enjoy drinking coffee on the weekends because that’s when I drink it out of a mug (at work, it’s out of a Styrofoam cup). Drinking coffee in a mug is a nice, relaxing ritual.

Froggy came up with his list of his favorite coffee mugs. Here are the “mug” shots and what he had to say about each.

  • Dirty Bird Coffee Mug

    The first mug is one I love because it has every single bird on it that has a name that sounds dirty, including the tufted titmouse, which is my favorite bird.

    Bird Mug

  • Father’s Day Mug With My Lil Homies

    The second mug is one of my favorites because it was the first mug given to me by my kids on my first Father’s Day.

    Father's Day

  • News Channel 8 Coffee Mug

    The News Channel 8 mug means a lot because it was given to me live on the news and live on-air on the MJ Morning Show by the news anchor Avery Cotten, who is class personified. I applied to win a mug online and kept losing so they brought one to me.

    News Channel 8

    Froggy’s favorite mugs

  • Rodfather Coffee Mug

    And finally, my Rodfather mug made the list because it was given to me by Roxanne on mÿ birthday, supposedly because I love fishing and Godfather movies. And for some reason the coffee always tastes better in this mug.

    Fishing Mug

    Froggy’s favorite mugs

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