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Do you plan to travel Thanksgiving week?

It’s going to be very busy at Tampa International Airport. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is going to be the busiest at TPA. And the busiest times of day will be at 5 A.M., noon, and 5 P.M. If you’re driving somewhere, the busiest days will be Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

According to a representative from AAA, if you’re going to be driving somewhere, leave as early as you can in the morning to get ahead of the traffic.

Emily Nipps is with Tampa International Airport, and she offered a great trip for those travelers leaving from TPA. She said to book parking online. “If you book online, it’s always cheaper online, and it helps us manage our parking spaces and our garages. We will have some days where our garages are very full.”

And she said if you are ordering food at the airport, you should use TPA To Go.

Wishing you safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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