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Remember when Tom Brady had to miss a portion of training camp, and there seemed to be a mystery as to why?

Some “internet sleuths” have put together a timeline that they believe indicates his absence had to do with, FTX, the failed cryptocurrency.

Brady promoted and invested in FTX, and now he is part of a lawsuit that accuses him and other celebs of “funneling investors into the FTX Ponzi scheme and promoting and substantially assist in the sale of the (accounts), which are unregistered securities.”

The “sleuth” TikToker lays out the following timeline: Brady and his (now ex) wife vacationed in Italy in June. Brady went to the Bahamas a month later when he had been scheduled to be at training camp. FTX is based in the Bahamas. That was around the time FTX got a cease and desist from the FDIC.

Do you think there is something to it? In hindsight, Tom’s comment about “having a lot of bleep going on” seems most accurate. Between an NFL career, a separation, and this mess, he certainly seemed to have a lot of stuff going on.

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