There will be FEWER passengers flying this year at Tampa International Airport, according to Channel 8. But the airport tonight says them still suggest you get to the airport at least 2 hours in advance for domestic flights. And there are two things specifically you can do to make your travel day go smoother.

Book Parking Online
Instead of winging it and driving around looking for a spot, airport officials suggest you pay for your parking in advance. There are a lot of off-airport parking options that can save you a lot of money if you’re going to be gone for more than a couple days. The cheapest parking at TPA is $12 per day for Economy.

Use the new Entry Points

If you’re not checking in luggage, you can avoid a lot of the crowds by using the Blue Express entry points. That way you can get to your gate faster. They just opened a few weeks ago so you may not be familiar with them so keep an eye out for signs. It’s available if you’re flying American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Copa Airlines, Cayman Airways and Swift Air.

10 Airports To Avoid During the Winter

  • #10: Orlando International Airport

    Ahhh Florida just barely makes the list. With all the Mickey Mouse visitors and flights to the north, this kind of makes sense even though winters here are a breeze weatherwise.

  • #9: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

    Does anything in Washington ever go well? Why should travel? Washington always has really bad traffic too. One of my least favorite cities to visit.

  • #8: LaGuardia Airport

    New York City, lots of people, lots of congestion… understandable.

  • #7: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

    A bit surprising to me given the lack of really bad weather.

  • #6: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

    Lots of wintery weather from the lakes… makes sense.

  • #5: Boston Logan International Airport

    I fly to Logan often when I go to visit family in Maine. I haven’t had too many problems. Security lines can get long. But I’ve found most flights are delayed but not cancelled. Since Boston is right on the water, they get more rain than snow in the winter months – even if the snow is flying 30 minutes inland.

  • #4: JFK International Airport

    The big city airports naturally have the same issue… lots of people. Lots of flights. Lots of delays. So the NYC airports making this list is no surprise since they have congestion and bad weather in the winter months.

  • #3: O'Hare International Airport

    Chicago’s enormous airport means congestion.  And winter weather in Chicago is no joke.  You get the wind and the blizzards.

  • #2: Denver International Airport

    Not a huge city, but lots of wintry weather.

  • #1: Newark Liberty International Airport

    No surprise here. My least favorite airport anywhere. I NEVER connect through Newark. If I’m flying in to NYC, it’s a viable option, but if this is a connection, avoid avoid avoid.  The layout of the airport is frustrating and inconvenient. And the delays are a given.  One time I got stuck having to spend the night… and there was NOWHERE to get any rest without bright lights or loud noises.   A nightmare.

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