It’s probably because I have too many friends and family members back in New England, but man… Patriots fans are really not letting go of this rumor that Tom Brady will leave Tampa Bay to return to the Pats next year.

It is true that Tom Brady will become a free agent after this season.  And it’s more than possible he’s not going to retire.  But does a return to the New England Patriots make any sense to you?  The hypothetical started in Boston sports media last week and they’re not letting it go.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots

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One writer argues that the Patriots will have more than enough cap space to pay Tom’s salary.  Plus he says that Brady and Coach Bill Belichick have the proven track record of working well together.  They even keep pointing to a meeting Belichick and Brady had after the Bucs game in Foxboro last year.

But let’s face facts… nobody who moves to Florida ever wants to go back up there.  I know this personally… I love to go back and visit family for a few days.  But once you live the Florida lifestyle, it’s hard to want to pay more to live in frigid weather.  The Patriots have decided Mac Jones is their future.  That hasn’t gone so well yet… but it’s early.

If Tom leaves Tampa, and continues to play, I think the no-brainer is he’ll play one year for his childhood team the San Francisco 49’ers.  But that’s IF he plans to play again next year.  Another thing… after watching Tom for 20 years (yours truly grew up as a Patriots fan in Maine), when Tom sets out on a mission, he doesn’t like to give up.  He’s made it clear he wants another boat parade on the Hillsborough River.  If he does play next year, I still think he’ll be a Buc.  What do you think?  The links to my socials are below.

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